Nathalia Sautchuk


Short Bio

PhD candidate in Computer Engineering at University of São Paulo, I’m a brazilian computer engineer and have a Master Degree in the same area, both taken at the same institution. My research focus is about network neutrality in a computer networks perspective. I work as Technical Advisor for Brazilian Internet Steering Committee ( and I’m professor at Universidade Anhembi Morumbi in Internet Governance classes. Nowadays I’m working in project about youth engagement in Internet Governance called Youth@IGF Programme, a cooperation between and Internet Society.

Reasons for the candidacy

I have followed LACNOG mailing list, IETF-LAC and other similar mailing lists (GTER and GTS-L) for more than a year, but only this year I had participated in person at LACNIC 25 in Cuba. I have been working for nearly 4 years in Internet Governance area as a technical advisor to, but I want to engage more in international technical debate. I believe I can be a new voice to contribute in meetings agenda construction and also helping bring new players into this space, since I have been working with youth engagement. Also, I believe in diversity as one of the important Internet Governance values. I believe that, as a woman, I can bring some diversity to the program committee, currently composed only by men. I believe I can contribute in a qualified way in the meetings agenda construction and participating in debates, whether as a session moderator, or presenting some relevant work since I already have experience in this kind of participation in some Brazilian events.