Call for Presentations – LACNOG2016

LACNOG, the Latin American and Caribbean Network Operators Group, will be
holding its annual conference –LACNOG 2016– in the city of San José, Costa
Rica, from September 26 to September 30, 2016. This event will be
co-located with the LACNIC 26 meeting.

The 2016 LACNOG Program Committee would like to invite the Internet
community to submit their presentations.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, those listed below:

● Best Practices

● Success stories

● IPv6

○ Deployment

○ Transition mechanisms

○ IPv6 in core, access, MPLS and mobile networks

○ Impact of IPv4 exhaustion – Strategies

○ Strategies for migrating to IPv6

○ Interoperability

● Scalability:

○ Impact on network provisioning

○ Evolution of wireless access

○ Growth projections

○ Fixed-mobile convergence

● Applications

○ Cloud computing

○ Multimedia

● Security:

○ Response mechanisms – CSIRTs

○ RFC 6561 – Recommendations for the Remediation of Bots

○ Log management

● Routing:

○ Secure routing protocols

○ Routing table security – RPKI

○ Managing BGP announcements

○ Segment routing

○ Internal and external routing strategies and mechanisms

○ Traffic engineering

● Peering, regional traffic exchange, IXPs:

○ Accounting methods

● Infrastructure:

○ Critical systems

○ Power supply


○ Buildings and construction

○ Synergy

○ Disaster response



● Services:

○ Large-scale address translation (CGN)


○ Hosting

○ CDNs

○ Caches

● Education:

○ Training

○ Certifications

○ Books and manuals

○ Laboratories

● Network management:

○ Monitoring

○ Alarms

○ Reporting

○ Circuit provisioning

○ Performance measurements in multi-domain networks

● Cooperation

○ Synergies between operators and the government sector

○ Relationships between operators and universities

The process for selecting presentations will be as follows:

● Call for proposals formally opens: May 30, 2016

● Deadline for proposal reception: June 30, 2016

● Announcement of proposals selected for their presentation: July 15,

● Deadline for submitting the final versions of the presentations:
August 15, 2016

LACNOG 2016 presentation proposals are subject to the following terms and

● Proposals may be submitted in English, Portuguese or Spanish.

● Proposals must be submitted in text, html, MS Word or PDF format.
Scanned documents will not be accepted.

● Proposed presentations may be accompanied by an article.

● Four types of activities have been scheduled:

○ Lightning talks, each lasting up to ten (10) minutes. We recommend that
presentations for these talks should include no more than 8 slides.

○ Standard presentations, each lasting up to twenty-five (25) minutes. We
recommend that presentations for these talks should include no more than 20

○ Tutorials, where detailed aspects of each topic will be presented,
ideally along with live demos. The duration of each tutorial must be agreed
with the Program Committee.

○ BoF (Birds of a Feather), informal meetings led by a moderator where
attendees will group together based on a shared interest and will carry out
discussions without any pre-planned agenda.

Those interested in presenting should submit the following information to
pc at within the deadlines set forth above:

● Full title of the presentation

● Abstract and a draft of the slides or, if available, the full
article. The abstract must not exceed five hundred (500) words. The Program
Committee may, at its sole discretion, request additional or complementary

● Full name(s), email address(es) and organization(s) represented by
the authors

● Type of presentation (lightning talk, standard presentation,
tutorial, or BoF)

Presenters at the LACNOG 2016 conference will receive a certificate
attesting their participation.

Program Committee:

● Nicolas Antoniello (Uruguay)

● Edmundo Cázarez López (Mexico)

● Milton Kaoru (Brazil)

● Tomas Lynch (Argentina)

● Arturo Servin (Mexico)

● Pedro Torres, Jr. (Brazil)

● Jorge Villa (Cuba)

For more information on this call for proposals, please don’t hesitate to
contact the Program Committee at pc at