This is the home page of the BCOP Working Group (Best Current Operational Practices) for the Latin America and Caribbean region.

The objective of this working group is to be actively involved with organizations and operators in the LAC region to identify, document and standardize best practices for the provision of different services like IT infrastructure and telecommunications.

List of approved BCOP’s:

  1. Minimum Security Requirements for Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) Acquisition
  2. Spanish translation of RIPE-554


Current BCOP drafts:

  1. BGP Implementation.
  2. Mitigation of attacks directed to CPE devices.
  3. Cooperation plan between Network Operators and CSIRT’s.
  4. First steps on IPv6 implementations.
  5. Remote Triggered BlackHole routes (RTBH).
  6. Spanish translation of the document RIPE-631: Troubleshooting IPv6 ISP for Residential helpdesks.

We are currently seeking for volunteers to help with the project If you are interested on participate, please fill out this form.

  • Developers.
  • Service deployers.
  • Translators.
    • Spanish.
    • Portuguese.
    • English.

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Working Group Coordinator: Ariel Weher.